Couples / Women

‘‘It is possible to see what another person needs, and give it to them’’

Suzuki Roshi

We all need to be seen, someone to listen and understand us. Intimacy comes in many forms, a chat over coffee and cake, deep conversations over dinner, laughing and joking over a drink in the local pub, watching the sunrise together, holding hands in the park, being held in a certain way.


You can be married, partners, lovers, Dom/sub, just friends.

As a couple we can help you improve intimacy, explore new things like conscious kink, indulge a fantasy, teach you sensual massage for each other.

We tailor sessions to couples wants and needs, you can watch your partner receive a sensual massage and join in if you wish. Learn Yoni or Lingam massage, watch it being given, indulge in a mixed 4 hands massage for you both, try cuckolding.

Sean, on his own or with female assistance, can give individual couples tutoring and more for 1 to 3 couples. If you want a private session no problem, or you may like the thought of sharing your journey with other couples. 

Send us an email with your initial enquiry and we will get back to you, we will answer any questions. 


Come and explore your sensuality and pleasure. Feel free to express yourself in any way you feel appropriate, or even better inappropriate. We want to help you with all of this.

Intimate Consent is a safe space that allows you to explore your pleasure, where you are guided but ultimately in complete control. Yoni/vaginal massage , sensual bodywork, conscious kink, dominance and submission all without judgement. 

This is a space to allow women to access their power and pleasure and express it in whatever way feels right for them. Feel welcome to ask for whatever you want, be it a cuddle or a cuckolding, a kiss or a kink session. There are also specific sessions on how to express and hold your boundaries, learn conscious touch, and the importance of being able to say no.