Tantric Massage

Tantra is a vast, ancient and mysterious subject that covers many topics and philosophies. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that can have many different meanings, the most suitable here would be “a continuous process”, it is a personal practice of liberation. There are aspects of Tantra that are included in the BDSM/Conscious Kink work, this is sometimes known as Urban Tantra.

Your Tantric massage is all about you, about receiving with no expectations to give anything back. Sink into your sensuality whilst you receive an intimate, slow and sensual massage that gradually relaxes you into the moment, where the world and any hint of needing to perform disappear.

A short period of conscious breathing, meditation and relaxation before we start will prepare you and make the experience a deeper and richer one.

Yoni massage for women is included, as is Lingam massage for men. As with all massages and sessions boundaries are set by you, but I would recommend that you indulge yourself with the Yoni or Lingam massage if not in the first session then in future sessions. There are no expectations, just enjoy the experience of being honoured as a divine sexual being.

There will be body to body contact during this massage.

‘‘The subject tonight is love
and for tomorrow night as well.
As a matter of fact,
I know of no better topic
for us to discuss
until we die.’’