Intimacy Life Coaching

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‘‘Personal empowerment means reconditioning yourself from the values and the program of the society and putting your own values and programs in place’’

Terence Mckenna

Intimacy Life Coaching for 40 plus women. You can be single, married, in a relationship, polyamorous.

Intimacy Life Coaching is a concept where we are integrating your sexuality and intimate life in with your everyday life, whether that be work, parenthood, or whatever fills the rest of your day.

Life coaching sadly lacks any, or has very little, advice on our intimate lives which is much needed for many women. The extra ordinary promises from Life coaches that offer you all the money, happiness, life balance, drive and ambition needed for a wonderful life you won’t find here. You most likely have all the money that you will ever need but it still leaves you wanting. There is a very western, intellectual, head driven space that adheres to what society expects from you, not necessarily what is good for you. Sure you can have most of the material things you need and financial security, and that is not a bad thing, but have them without true intimacy and connection with others and particularly yourself and life is still going to feel that bit lacking.

Exploring intimacy and sexuality is more than your sex life, intimacy comes in many forms and our coaching will reveal that embracing your sexuality and sensuality can improve your self confidence in all other aspects of your life. We can address self-confidence, look into aspects such as health, nutrition, fitness and life balance. All advice and suggestions will be bullshit free. With more confidence in yourself you will be able to make clearer decisions in all aspects of your life.

Dropping the shame, guilt, pressure to be something you are not, and embracing the real you is the most powerful thing you can do. This work is not for the feint hearted though, it can uncover all sorts of painful personal truths but it is more than worth it. For on the other side of pain is pleasure, peace of mind and personal growth. So if you are looking for a few positive affirmations to make you feel better this is not for you. Instead there will be a lot of somatic work, where you listen to the innate wisdom of your body and retreat from the intellectual headspace that can keep leading us into the same dead ends over and over again.

Sensual massage and somatic bodywork are great tools which can be incorporated into our sessions and based around Betty martins Wheel of Consent. It is important to define strong boundaries and know how to express them when we work together. Boundaries help us establish our own personal space, protect our physical and emotional well-being and establish healthy relationships with others by setting expectations and communicating our needs clearly. Having strong boundaries leads to greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and healthier relationships.

Intimacy Life Coaching packages are all bespoke, there is a 1week intensive with follow ups then 4 weeks or longer as this work can take time to integrate and does evolve. There are no shortcuts and I don’t want either of us wasting our time to achieve little or no results if we cannot put the work in for whatever reason. Spaces are limited as this is personalised work for women so there maybe a waiting list.

There is more information about how Intimacy coaching can help on the Women’s page but it is by no means exhaustive so please get in contact with any questions. The Journey page has more information on what is, and can be included in your personalised program.

Contact Sean on 07830 509665 or email to book your free video call to see if we are a good fit to work together.