I had the pleasure of seeing Sean. He is a highly qualified practitioner and got a feel of my needs quickly. He made me feel comfortable and safe. My aim was to begin improving my body self worth after several major operations.  Ater spending time with Sean I have been able to see glimmers of change in my self esteem and body Image. He also provided me with tools to use in my day to day living to build on my session with him.

The sensual massage was just an extension of  the work we had already carried out and he brought me to a place of feeling comfortable to experience that with him.
I can highly recommend him. His ethos and high level of training are reflected in his work. He pushed me to explore myself in a much deeper way than I expected, opening me up to a whole new world of sensual sexuality but always maintaining strong boundaries  in the process.



My intimate consent massage was sensational! I was initially seduced by a very inviting, warm and tranquil room.
Once laid on the table, I was drizzled with warm oil and Sean began. He was calming, engaging and attentive. His movements were firm, precise and symmetrical as they moved around my body with sensual rhythm.
It was an erotic, freeing and deeply pleasurable experience.

Beth… Chigwell


From booking the massage to the aftercare, Sean is professional. He communicates in a calm and informative way, allowing for questions and choices to be made in a safe and unhurried environment which feels warm and safe. His massage techniques are excellent and sublime and are tailored to individual needs. Consent and checking in are paramount and Sean ensures that clients are comfortable and okay the whole time. The space is warm and cosy with drinks available and a shower.
I’ve now had several massages and each has allowed me to be relaxed about my sexuality and learn from listening to my body.

Angela … Surrey


Every desire of your body is holy; Every desire of your body is Holy. I heard these words of Hafez a few years ago and they have been circulating in my brain ever since but never quite reached my heart until my session with S this weekend. He allowed me to utterly surrender to my inner desire, taught me to articulate what I want without shame, AND fixed some trauma that was stored in my arms with skilled bodywork AND truly relaxed my upset pelvic floor with a yoni massage. A very productive meeting, which I’m still processing as it was so transformative. Thank you xxxx

Becki … St Albans


I’ve experienced Tantra before but was curious to experience BDSM / Conscious Kink as I’ve always had a submissive sensual nature. Making the appointment was made easy. We had a chat beforehand and at the beginning of the appointment. I was made to feel safe and loved. Agreeing on the boundaries there followed a wonderful session of exploration through Tantra, mind, body and soul. My submissive side was totally satisfied in a loving warm and safe environment. The after care and chat was really helpful. I would highly recommend a visit. Thank you again.

Christine,  Brentwood 


The massage was absolutely paradise, try him for a bet. He’s one of the best in town. He is gifted for it, thanks for a good therapy. Every stress left my body and my mind was at peace thanks

Nikkie J, London


This was my first tantric massage . Although I was nervous Sean explained things beautifully and answered all my questions. My boundaries were discussed and respected fully. Sean was very welcoming into a warm safe environment. The massage was glorious and I will definitely be returning to explore more with this lovely man.

Bex, Brentwood 


I immediately felt at ease with Sean. He gives off a calming energy which enabled me to sink into another place quite easily. He is professional but also very engaged and his touch is magnificent! I will certainly be back.

Paula, Brentwood