Tantric / Sensual Massage / Yoni Massage

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Tantra is a vast, ancient and mysterious subject that covers many topics and philosophies. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that has many different meanings; for us ‘a continuous process’ is most suitable, a personal practice of liberation. Tantric massage is a deep, spiritual, sensuous art that honours the feminine in all its power and beauty.


Sensual massage is more of a touch exchange as opposed to Tantra which is more aligned with you learning to receive pleasure. With sensual massage you can in fact include most things that excite your senses, where you choose to find the sensuality and eroticism can be very personal and specific to you.


Yoni massage is an honouring of your feminine and the power it possesses. Receive an exquisite, sensual, skilfully given massage that will set the standard for how you want to be touched in the future.

We can do Sensual and Tantric massage but our sessions are a mix of both and tailored to you. They are bespoke 3 hours of indulgence and self-exploration. We start by taking a history from you, find out what you are looking for and what might suit you. Boundaries are set from the start of the session and fixed, we can stop anything that we may have agreed too but nothing else will be added, you can always come back another time.

The 1st hour consists of fun and sensual exercises to help us be aware of our boundaries, we do some breathing and meditation then into the massage when we are comfortable with your boundary setting. The next 2 hours are completely for you and based around what we discussed in the history. You may want to just receive and enjoy touch in its purest form with a yoni massage included. You may want to touch back at points, want some conscious kink added, the list is as long as your imagination.

We finish with a drink, a chat or comfortable silence to absorb what has taken place. The only thing guaranteed is that this will be for you and like nothing you have received before.

This is the only session we offer for women who have not been before, you will need to set aside 4 hours to cover the starting history and time for some integration at the end.

When you have been once and want to come again we can skip the hour of boundary work or go through it again (recommended). There is much to be learned from repeating boundary work indefinitely, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Please contact Sean for availability on 07830 509665 via WhatsApp or email

These sessions are experiential, there is great value in the journey and discoveries of pleasure you will find out about yourself.

Cost is £150 per hour

4 handed massage can be arranged.

‘‘The subject tonight is love
and for tomorrow night as well.
As a matter of fact,
I know of no better topic
for us to discuss
until we die.’’