Sexological Bodywork Training

I am going to start my Sexological Bodywork training Monday 27th February, followed by 9 months of pretty intensive study and practical work. Around the start of June I will need willing volunteers to practice some of the work I will be doing. Instead of trying to describe what a Sex Bod practitioner does, here is a list of reasons why people would see one

  • Would like to rediscover their body, often after a change, such as childbirth
  • Aware they are stuck in a pattern that doesn’t satisfy them anymore
  • Difficulty in asking for what they want, or even to know what they want around touch and intimacy
  • Problems around intimacy with partners
  • Body image concerns
  • Need help in how to self-pleasure
  • Very little or no sex education that was meaningful to them
  • To have better sex
  • Unable to orgasm, have early orgasms, delayed orgasms but want to gain more choice and control over these
  • Difficulties with erections
  • Less reliance on porn
  • Trauma or anxiety regarding intimacy
  • Stuck in a rut with a desire to practice something new
  • Their Libido has changed
  • To experience more pleasure
  • A sense of disconnection from their eroticism / genitals

I will be having open Sundays at my practice starting the 26th where all are welcome from 12pm to 9pm to come and be willing bodies for me to practice on. Not only will I be doing this work, but also boundaries (Wheel of Consent), sensual/Tantric massage, cranial sacral therapy, impact play, power dynamics etc. We can also exchange ideas, drink tea, and eat my biscuits. All I ask is £5 towards drinks, heating etc. Contact me for more details, each Sunday will be different with single and group work depending on attendees. Let me use you in the nicest possible way, and share some of my knowledge and skills.